Monday, 28 February 2011

Reiki - the next step

Going greener and joining Wikaniko is without a doubt part of my lifes journey, it feels 100% correct and has opened up other doors which also have felt like they were meant to be. It really does feel as though we are on a mapped out journey and a little bit more of that journey opens up as we move and push forward.

We continued collecting books and information on both personal development and also Spiritual books. It was during July last year that i woke up one morning and just knew i had to look into Reiki Spiritual Healing. It was such a strong overwhelming feeling that i knew i HAD to do it so spent time reading up on Reiki and other holistic therapies. The more i read the more i knew it was part of the journey we are on and that this was the next step for me. When i did my Reiki level 1 in August last year it was a very powerful feeling and i was actually physically sick immediately afterwards which i believe was part of the cleansing process. I have since done my level 2 .

 Reiki is about starting off with self treatment and can be used as a powerful tool for healing the mind, body and spirit, its about creating wholeness, harmony and balance. It is about being a chanel for the natural energies that are around. I will probably do some further posts on Reiki at some point as i believe it is a powerful tool in life and one that anyone can greatly benefit from.

I am fascinated by alot of the therapies such as cognitive behaviour therapy, EFT (emotional freedom technique), relexology, aromotherapy, crystal therapy and so on and hope at some point to train in them. I have always had a strong feeling from a very early age that i was meant to help other people and although working at the Job Centre before having children gave me a sense of fulfilment when it became more about figures and not people i felt i wasn't on the right course.

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