Sunday, 27 February 2011


I have done several work from home Businesses in the past while i was bringing up my children, starting off with Kleeneze which taught me a lot and which encouraged me to continually journey along the personal development route but i wasn't passionate about the products and in may cases was ashamed to take money from my customers for them so i started with a young family run Company called Everyday Essentials which sold Ecover products amongst other things. Unfortunately the Company ceased trading and after having put a lot of time and effort in starting to build a reasonable customer base locally and also recruiting a team across the UK i vowed never to get involved in this type of Business again. I remember saying to Gary at the time that if i could ever afford to i would start off my own Network Marketing Company (i do truly believe its a very fair way of helping others to earn an extra income/build a Business through providing support and training) but it would have to be eco-friendly products.

Several years passed, four to be exact and i kept myself busy bringing up my three children, doing lots of personal development reading and a few online courses and occasionally kept up to date on the work from home Businesses being offered but nothing ever jumped out at me. Then one day just under a year ago i was visiting my parents when a brochure was put through their door. I picked it up for them and saw it was a Company i had never heard of called WIKANIKO, so being a bit nosey i started flicking through the pages and saw it was all eco-friendly products. It was the price of the black bin bags that first caught my attention, about the same as i was paying at the supermarket for non biodegradable ones. Then it was the range of products that caught my attention, household products, gadgets, pets, cleaning, laundry, toiletries and cosmetics. WOW now it had got my full attention. I took the details of the distributor down and the website and thought i must look at this further.

A few weeks passed and i came across the details i had wrote down and went online to check the website, what a fantastic website, it felt warm, inviting and fitted in exactly with what we felt although at this point i was only using the odd eco-friendly product because of financial restraints  and reading more about it i realised it was also a co-operative marketing venture which really did start to excite me.
I saw a way where i could buy my own eco-friendly products at wholesale price and even cover that cost by finding some customers and using my commission to cover my own purchases and then find some more customers and earn an extra income to help the family. This was what i had been waiting those four years for. I emailed the distributor and asked lots of questions and i joined in March last year and haven't looked back. I absolutely love the products in fact i am passionate about the Company, its ethics and the products and have met lots of lovely like-minded people in the process. The last year has been a real eye opener and i am now even more passionate about sharing the great products, everyone of which isn't adding to the problems the Planet is already facing, its more than just selling products to earn an extra income its about educating people and showing them a different way - a better and healthier way in my opinion.

I truly believe Wikaniko found me and that it is part of my plan and journey through this life and so the journey continues. New post coming soon about waking up about 6 months ago knowing what the next step was.

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