Sunday, 21 October 2012

Finding balance in your life

Its been a while since i updated this blog, in fact it was April this year. Time has flown by and we have been busy getting used to a new lifestyle after finding out that Garys' PSA level was on the increase a year after having his prostate removed and having great readings up until the fourth 3 monthly check which should have heralded checks going to 6 monthly but he is now still on 3 monthly checks and they are monitoring the levels, if they reach their "magic" number they will recommend radiotherapy.

More research on our part led us to try the alkaline and raw diet which ensures all the food you give your body is as nutrient rich as possible. It hasn't been easy but it has really opened our eyes to how far off the track the Human Race has gone from living in harmony with their bodies and Mother Nature and perhaps a bit too far for our own good.

In some ways i feel that my Spiritual Journey has slowed right down, probably because i have had to shift more focus on the lifestyle change and family life. In some ways though it is all that i have learnt along the way  on my Spiritual Journey that is helping us deal with life on a day to day basis and helping us embrace uncertainty in a more positive way than i believe we would have several years ago.

I know i personally need to find the right balance in my life which is something i seem to find for a short time and then lose it again. Sometimes it feels like i am on a treadmill and getting nowhere and i know i need to find that time to refocus my thoughts and find that inner peaceful place that i crave when life seems to be going at rocket speed and dragging me along with it. I guess being aware that things are out of balance is the first step and i do get the odd glimmer that i'm on track and getting there, in fact i think i'm getting there day by day, some days it feels like i have taken a step back again but that just pushes me on to keep trying and keep pushing forward and i know i will find that balance again. Finding time or perhaps i should say making time to update this is a positive and its important to me so i  know i'm getting there.

Once there again I will need to work hard on maintaining it going by my previous experience. What can i do to make sure i keep that balance?

I think i need to treat "my" time to meditate, read, refocus, listen to music all of which lift my Soul as important as i treat the family commitments because if i am balanced i have seen it in the family, they are more balanced too and i am in a better place to be the positive role model they need when their lives aren't quite in balance. See i know what i need to do but why do i find it so hard to do?

Answers on a postcard please :) or better still any advice, comments gratefully received below.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Books that have helped me.

In no particular order as i believe everyone has a different journey and have to find their own path these Books have helped me on my Spiritual journey.

Self Healing with Reiki by Penelope Quest
A Better Way To Live by Og Mandino
Empowering your Soul through Meditation by Rajinder Singh
The Clestine Prophecy by James Redfield
Calm before the Storm by Neale Donald Walsch
Abundance through Reiki by Paula Moran
Invisible Acts of Power by Caroline Myss
The Art of Happiness by HH Dalai Lama and Howard C Cutler
The Light in the Darkness by James Christie
The Tenth Insight by James Redfield
Cosmic Ordering Service by Barbel Mohr
The Gift by Mia Dolan
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman
Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks

There are more which i will get around to listing at some point.
Sometimes it has taken a few reads of a book if the timing hasn't been quite right BUT generally it seems i finish a book and as i'm wondering what i should read next i will get a recommendation or get drawn to a certain book and my journey has felt that the right book has appeared at the right time and that when teh stdent is ready the teacher will appear.
I do feel that i am on a mapped out journey and that everything is on course and as it should be - a strange sense of calm when i know this.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Our journey continues

After a rather unexpected first half of 2011 the second half was getting back into as normal a routine as possible between Garys' three monthly blood tests. It is our new "normal".

Over this time we have continued our reading and my next blog post will be a list of books and authors we have found very helpful and informative on our Spiritual Journey. My aim is to update my blog a lot more this year.

I am finding using my Reiki and learning how to meditate has brought a new sense of calmness to my life and one which seems to be spreading across the family too. Our friendship circle is widening with very like minded people and it makes a huge difference mixing with likeminded and upbeat, positive people. Unfortunately through this change process of the last few years a few people have withdrawn from our circle including a couple of family members but we accept that and send them our love and blessings and hope that they find their own happiness in their own way.

Recently i had a strong sense that i should get a set of Angel Cards. We came across a lovely set not long afterwards quite unexpectedly and i find drawing an Angel Card every day is helpful and helps me keep focused throughout the day. I now listen to my heart/inner voice/soul and 2012 seems to be a year when a lot of people across the World are slowly awakening and listening to their inner voice and want to work together to help create a more peaceful, healthier life more in harmony with each other, the creatures and plants which we share on this Planet we call Home.

Our Spiritual Journey will continue of that i am sure and i am looking forward to the Summer months when i can spend more time in the garden and in quiet comtemplation learning more about myself which in turns helps me in other areas of my life as well.

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