Monday, 13 February 2012

Our journey continues

After a rather unexpected first half of 2011 the second half was getting back into as normal a routine as possible between Garys' three monthly blood tests. It is our new "normal".

Over this time we have continued our reading and my next blog post will be a list of books and authors we have found very helpful and informative on our Spiritual Journey. My aim is to update my blog a lot more this year.

I am finding using my Reiki and learning how to meditate has brought a new sense of calmness to my life and one which seems to be spreading across the family too. Our friendship circle is widening with very like minded people and it makes a huge difference mixing with likeminded and upbeat, positive people. Unfortunately through this change process of the last few years a few people have withdrawn from our circle including a couple of family members but we accept that and send them our love and blessings and hope that they find their own happiness in their own way.

Recently i had a strong sense that i should get a set of Angel Cards. We came across a lovely set not long afterwards quite unexpectedly and i find drawing an Angel Card every day is helpful and helps me keep focused throughout the day. I now listen to my heart/inner voice/soul and 2012 seems to be a year when a lot of people across the World are slowly awakening and listening to their inner voice and want to work together to help create a more peaceful, healthier life more in harmony with each other, the creatures and plants which we share on this Planet we call Home.

Our Spiritual Journey will continue of that i am sure and i am looking forward to the Summer months when i can spend more time in the garden and in quiet comtemplation learning more about myself which in turns helps me in other areas of my life as well.

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