Monday, 31 January 2011

We have been keen readers of personal development books about 8 years and it was these that started this journey i think. Over the years both of us have learnt and gained so much from the books we have read and relating them to our everyday lives, in fact i think i am right in saying we are now two totally different people to who we were then. That's what its all about.........a journey. We both believe that we are now much better people than we were 8 yrs ago and are both keen to continue the journey. I believe that learning and trying to make yourself better is an ongoing process and one that carries on all the time. The very first Personal Development i read was by Susan Jeffers called Don't sweat the small stuff. Its a book that i re read regularly when life seems to be getting too heavy. There are numerous other books which i could recommend, perhaps i will one day get round to listing them all.
Another one i read early on that made an impact on me was Feel the fear and do it anyway also by Susan Jeffers. Then theres Eat that Frog, The Power of Now and most recently two outstanding books about the law of attraction are The Cosmic Ordering Service and The Secret.
I have mentioned this because i believe it is what started us on the journey that has led us to the road we are on now, going greener, seriously giving going Vegetarian consideration and on the Spiritual Enlighting path.

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